What is a CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine?

CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine is a kind of modern weaving machine that use servo motor, PLC, etc to realize electronically control of the weaving process of metal wire mesh. Compared with traditional mechanical weaving machines, CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine accuracy is high, because most parameters can be set on the touch screen, then plc will send signal to the servo motor to control the machine movement. The action is fast and accuracy compared to manually adjustment type weaving machines. It will greatly improve work efficiency and product quality.

Compared with other textile weaving machines, metal wire mesh weaving machine is a niche market product. Most users are still using the traditional machines that manufactured many years ago. Although the machine works well, the accuracy can not meet modern technical requirements. Therefore, the application of full CNC weaving machine in metal wire mesh weaving industry is a tendency.

LANYING devotes to wire mesh weaving machines manufacturing in China for more than 20 years, we work with universities and filed experts successfully developed the full CNC weaving machines. After many years application, now LANYING CNC wire mesh weaving machines is the most reliable and advanced weaving machines in China that specialized for metal wire mesh weaving.