SG160/160-2JD Heavy-duty metal wire mesh weaving machine


SG160 Series CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine is designed for heavy wire mesh weaving. The opening is small, and mesh surface is flat, there are single beat-up form and double beat-up form.

Model No.: SG160/160-2JD

Wire diameter: 0.1-0.7mm

Nominal weaving width: 1600mm (arbitrarily adjust width, special width on request)

Weaving density: plain weave square hole 10-100 mesh/inch; twilled weave ≤ 350 mesh/inch

Speed: 60-70RPM the spindle frequency converter regulates speed, and the actual speed depends on the weaving width and specifications.

Shedding forms: Tappet hanging frame ( servo dobby and cam lead arch heald frames are also available), 2-8pcs aluminum or steel heald frames.

Weft insertion: High performance servo motor CNC single-way or two-way weft insertion, full carbon fiber rapier.

Beat-up form: double

Let-off/Take-up: CNC let-off(warp tension automatic display and adjust), CNC take-up (single-roller)

Wire material: Metal wires such as stainless steel, iron, bronze, copper, phosphate bronze, aluminum, platinum, polyester, plastic, etc , and non-ferrous wires.

Weaving method: plain, twilled, dutch, 3-heddle, 5-heddle, RDW, stain, weft density change,etc..according to request.

Basic tension: 40000N/M

Size(L*W*H)mm: 2750X3600X1960

Weight: 7000kg

SG160 Series CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine is designed for heavy wire mesh weaving. The opening is small, and mesh surface is flat, there are single beat-up form and double beat-up form.
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