SG180/300-1JD Super Heavy-duty metal wire mesh weaving machine


SG180 Series CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine is suitable for super heavy wire mesh weaving, there are single beat-up and double beat-up type. It can weave wire materials such as stainless steel, iron, bronze, aluminum, alloy, nickel, polyester,etc..

Model No.: SG180/300-1JD

Wire diameter: φ0.1-φ1.2mm or ≤φ2.0mm

Nominal weaving width: 3000mm (arbitrarily adjust width, special width on request)

Weaving density: plain weave square hole 6-60 or 2-40 mesh/inch; twilled weave ≤ 260 mesh/inch

Speed: 30-35RPM the spindle frequency converter regulates speed, and the actual speed depends on the weaving width and specifications.

Shedding forms: Tappet hanging frame ( servo dobby and cam lead arch heald frames are also available), 2-8pcs aluminum or steel heald frames.

Weft insertion: High performance servo motor CNC single-way or two-way weft insertion, full carbon fiber rapier.

Beat-up form: single

Let-off/Take-up: CNC let-off(warp tension automatic display and adjust), CNC take-up (single-roller)

Wire material: Metal wires such as stainless steel, iron, bronze, copper, phosphate bronze, aluminum, platinum, polyester, plastic, etc , and non-ferrous wires.

Weaving method: plain, twilled, dutch, 3-heddle, 5-heddle, RDW, stain, weft density change,etc..according to request.

Basic tension: 60000N/M

Size(L*W*H)mm: 3500X5560X2160

Weight: 19000kg

SG180 Series CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine is suitable for super heavy wire mesh weaving, there are single beat-up and double beat-up type. It can weave wire materials such as stainless steel, iron, bronze, aluminum, alloy, nickel, polyester,etc..
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